Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme...

It's hard to believe I left Nashville over a year ago, heading to Knoxville in pursuit of more farm know-how. I still miss The Music City dearly, especially when I see how much the East side has developed. I love that there is now a butcher shop carrying local and humanely raised meats, an ice cream store with the best all-natural flavors ever (my favorite is Smoked Almond Brittle), and a local pharmacy. All within a year!

One of my favorite things about my mid-century rancher rental in East Nashville was the perennial herb garden that bordered the
house's front walk. Oregano, sage, chives, sorrel, mint, parsley, tarragon, and green onions were all a few steps from the front door and my cooking greatly benefited from such fresh seasonings.

I'm hoping to get a perennial herb garden started pretty quickly once we get settled into our Ardmore homestead. Last year in Knoxville we started herbs from seed with great results - they required very little extra added to the basic clay soil and most thrived so much that it was a shame we planted them as row crops to be plowed under at season's end.

Perennial herbs I hope to start with include:

Mint will be kept in its own container, as it can quickly overtake an herb bed if left untended. Dill and chamomile are not perennials, but will self-seed and come back year after year. All the rest are perennial herbs, which will remain dormant overwinter and grow like crazy in warm weather.

I can't wait to have fresh herbs right outside my kitchen again!

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