Monday, August 6, 2012

The Maggie Story: The Later Years

Thank you so much friends, for your support as I've shared parts of my story and Maggie's. It is amazing to be a part of a "community," even if it is mainly online, of folks who are good-hearted and understanding.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

After beginning medication and therapy, I was able to start making smart life choices and move in a healthy direction. A few months later, I made the decision to strike out on my own as a single mom and move back to East Nashville.

The biggest realization I made through the first few difficult months on my own was that it was okay to be sad. The Lord is close to those whose hearts are broken. Instead of forbidding myself to be sad, I rested in His arms while I cried. My heart hurt so much on some days, but I had hope.

I found a church home. I found amazing friends. I gained some incredible roommates who gave me the absolute best time of my entire single life. I was honest with my mistakes and was respected for that honesty. I was stunned by the acceptance I found, at church and with friends. Through it all, I felt so loved and supported. I was a single mom but never felt alone.

And through it all, Maggie got cuter and cuter. She saw her second birthday surrounded by people who loved her. She was (and is) a well-adjusted, loving, sassy kid thanks to the community that surrounded her in her formative years.

And now, some gratuitous photos of my adorable one and two year old. We had a blast, those couple years in East Nashville. Hooray for September 2008 through December of 2010.


  1. You guys are both pretty amazing! Love you both. And I'm so happy that you found your way to become such a strong woman!

    1. Thank you Maria! So crazy that you've seen everything happen! Ten years is a long, long time. :)

  2. I just don't know where to begin. First, Maggie is/was way too adorable for her own good. I love seeing your girl! Second, I wish I didn't have to get to know you over the internet. One of the first things that attracted me to you when I did have a chance to hang out with you in person was your honesty. Its refreshing. And you strength as a mom, a person just living her life. I really do respect you and the happiness I have for you and your family is genuine. I love that I know good people. You continue to inspire in every way. I hope our footpaths cross again. xoxoxoxoxox

    1. Tiffany, you are so very sweet and kind!! I really wish we had gotten to spend more time together, as well - you are a fabulous women, amazing farmer, gracious mama. I'm so glad to know you and your family!! I do hope we cross paths again on this journey. :)