Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meal Plan: June 18th

Real talk now - I adore meal planning. So here goes with this week's (almost complete) plan.


Breakfast: Pineapple, blueberries, and cottage cheese
Lunch: Smoked mozzarella grilled cheese with lambsquarter, snow pea risotto (leftover)
Dinner: Taco soup (leftover) with zucchini quesadilla, watermelon for dessert


Breakfast: Blueberry raspberry smoothie
Lunch: Sandwich on Ezekiel bread w/ hummus, avocado, red onion, sprouts, pretzels, apple
Dinner: Roast chicken (use leftovers for dinner) with carrots and parsnips, green beans (garden fresh), mashed potatoes, watermelon for dessert


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with avocado, toast and strawberry jam (homemade), watermelon
LunchCurried chicken salad sandwich (roast chicken leftovers), with avocado, carrots with dressing, pretzels
Dinner: (work at Earth Fare) 1/2 PBJ sandwich on Ezekiel bread, Red Delicious apple, broccoli & ranch, pretzels


Breakfast: Blueberry raspberry smoothie
Lunch: Leftovers
DinnerChicken and Kale Casserole, green beans, watermelon dessert


Breakfast: Red Delicious apple, brie, Ezekiel bread toast
Lunch: Leftovers, watermelon
Dinner: Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Sausage (local) & mushrooms and Ezekiel pasta with green beans (garden fresh), garlic bread

Snack options for the week:

Broccoli or carrots & ranch
Apple & peanut butter
Cheese & crackers
Cottage cheese & pineapple
Hummus & pretzels

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