Monday, July 23, 2012

Real Food Pledge, Week 6

Whoops, I kind of forgot about blogging this week... sorry y'all that were waiting for the followup grocery post! There was one night this week that I also forgot I had whole wheat rolls rising in the oven, covered by dish towels. Luckily I remembered before the preheating for dinner had completed... but it was pretty smoky in the kitchen for awhile after that.

Last week our challenge was to try two new whole foods - it was so nice to ADD something rather than subtract from our diet. We tried ripe green figs from the farmers market (just a taste, they are still waiting to be cooked along with pork tenderloin!) and the afore-mentioned purple hull peas and fresh pinto beans.

I think the most invaluable thing the pledge has done so far is give us more self control over our eating. We have severely cut back on the amount of fast food we consume (it's pretty much none now). We have cut back on sweet treats. And we have completely cut meat out of our diet when we are not at home. This means the meat we consume (much less frequently) in our home can be the higher-priced ethically raised meat that we've become convicted about both physically, mentally and spiritually (there will be a serious post about all that soon).

So. This week is week 6 of The Real Food Pledge, which means we are very close to the halfway point! (it is 14 weeks total) Our challenge for the week is:

No low-fat, lite, or nonfat food products

I can't even tell you how easy this will be... because I can't even remember the last time I ate a "lite" product. I think it was probably margarine, which I never bought for its purported health purposes but instead loved for its ease of spreading on bread. 

I realized long ago that "lite" products are some of the most chemical-y, unhealthy, and gross-tasting food items out there. Glad they aren't even an issue in our lives! And glad that we have an "easy" week this week because we will be celebrating Maggie's FIFTH birthday (how did that happen so fast??) and will likely consume some slightly less healthy things - though I am contemplating MAKING her birthday party dinner rather than ordering pizza and buying a cake from Publix. No promises, but we'll see what time allows this week.

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  1. I am loving your blog. Your homecooked/made birthday celebration will be fabulous!! Good luck and happy birthday sweet Magnolia :)