Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been attempting to whip a lot of things into shape around here lately. Maggie's room got a nice cleaning, thanks to a new cube organizer. That plus a guest room overhaul contributed to about 7 large boxes going out the door to the thrift store. It feels so good.

I've been trying to get back into the garden game again as well, and there has been some progress.

Proof? Well, we have gone from this... this!

Okay, maybe still preeeetty far from perfection. 
But look! You can see a square foot of dirt!

Our Big Red Hens, Ruby and Rouge, are the ones that should receive any praise for being able to see ANY soil unobscured by weeds weeds and more weeds. They have done a pretty great job of tearing things up. They have a harder time with the taller weeds, but still do some damage. Once they've scratched things up for a couple days, we move them and hoe out the roots and stray plants that survived the chicken apocalypse. I have a solitary squash plants growing so far in a post-chicken area and plan to hoe and plant some more seeds this weekend (confession: I actually typed most of this post up LAST Friday, then promptly did zero garden work last weekend).

I'm not sure how things are going to go with planting things immediately after the chickens. See, chicken poop is very high in nitrogen and can burn plants if it hasn't been composted or at least left to break down for awhile. But my theory is that it'll be ok since the chickens have only been in each spot a few days. There isn't a blanket of poop covering the entire ground, more like poop land mines every once in awhile. 

Sorry for the ick. But honestly, chickens are kind of gross and stinky and poopy creatures. Can I get an amen from any fellow chicken keepers?

At least they have good personalities.

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