Friday, August 31, 2012

So, where were we? Week 7 of Real Food

Long ago, in a far away land, I used to be on a roll to eliminating unhealthy stuff from my family's diet and maximizing things that would be happy for our bodies. Do you remember those days, the days of change? I vaguely do.

So where were we? I think I stopped with Week 6 of the Real Food Pledge, "no lite, low-fat, or nonfat food products." Next up is Week 7:

All grains consumed must be 100% whole grain

I think we can handle this fairly easily. We pretty much eat whole grain things at home: 100% whole wheat pasta, Ezekiel bread, etc. And because I think we can handle this challenge fairly easily, I want to give a try to something else I have been working up to attempting (and which is a challenge week itself in a couple weeks):

No refined sugar in any form. No desserts.

I've been wanting to give up sugar. Wanting is a relative term, because I don't actually want to give up sugar. I love sugar. I love cookies, ice cream, hot fudge, cold fudge, funnel cakes, cakes, the whole lot and more. But I do know that consuming less, or no, refined sugar is a smart choice for my body, my mind, even my spiritual life. Sugar has too big of a hold on me and I'm ready for that to stop.

Again, a refresher on the rules: We get one "cheat meal" per week. This is for the sanity of everyone and also so we can eat a weekly meal outside the house (a break from cooking, again, sanity preserved). Our cheat meals are mostly getting healthier anyway because our options are much more limited, due to essentially being "eating out" vegetarians (more on that soon, if I can work up the courage to bare my passions on that front) so places like McD's and Wing Zone are automatically disqualified.

Okay! We can do this! WOOOOO!!!

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