Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Wedding: The Cakes

My lovely friend Crystal Morgan made cheesecakes for the dessert table and oh boy, were they ever delicious. She did an amazing job with making the main cake gorgeous with two layers and a rough buttercream frosting. The rest of the cheesecakes were incredible flavors that I picked from her extensive list (I think she had something like 30+ flavors to choose from): coffee and donuts, whiskey caramel cinnamon, Nutella, and blueberry lemonade (my personal favorite).

I've always loved vintage cake stands but have never owned any, so I hunted all over eBay and etsy for the perfect stands. The main cake stand was a large milk glass hobnail Fenton stand. I made a sweet little centerpiece with a slice of wood and two little ceramic birds. We ate our first bites of cake using a set of "Mr." and "Mrs." forks that dear Colleen gave us.

The cheesecakes were all so delicious - and we have a few slices saved for our "official" one year anniversary. I'm so excited to eat those slices and celebrate a wonderful year!

Photos by Daniel Meigs Photography 

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