Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Wedding: One Year

A year ago today, Josh and I celebrated our committed love with a simple ceremony and a fun party with some of our closest friends. Our official wedding anniversary is November 5th, when we got married at the downtown Huntsville courthouse, but Maggie (the only person who was with us) declared that we didn't do it right since there was no dancing involved at the courthouse, so of course we realized we had to go ahead and throw a big party with dinner and drinks and dancing.

One of our main goals was for everyone to have a good time. We wanted things to be laid-back and low-stress and just fun.  I was so happy to hear how much fun folks had! I'm especially glad that we found a venue that allowed us to serve our own alcohol (believe me, there are way more alcohol-free venues than you'd expect) and that we had the space to have square dancing. I was amazed and SO glad to see that almost everyone participated in the dancing! The Hog Slop Boys did a great job with the music and the dance calling.

A lot of love was incorporated into our wedding. Once I started planning, I realized just how many talented friends I have and how lucky I was to be able to spend our budget on their fabulous goods and services. Almost every part of the wedding -- flowers, hair, coordinating, invitations, bowties, cakes, music -- was done by friends. So much love went into the making of our wedding that I've put together a series of blog posts to talk about some of our incredible friends that contributed.

Stay tuned, I've got a bunch of fun wedding posts coming up! It's so nice to be able to look back after a year and know that though there were some hiccups on the big day, it all contributed to making our wedding such a special day for us.

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