Friday, May 17, 2013

Garden Gift Ideas for Kids

Happy weekend!!! Though I'm a homemaker and get to enjoy most of my days at home, it's such a treat to have Josh home with me all day over the weekends. I like that fella.

Every once in awhile I come across some garden-related kid stuff that I just can't keep to myself. Here are a few products I've had my eye on lately, especially in light of Maggie's upcoming sixth (!!) birthday in July.

Maggie is about to outgrow her current thrifted rain boots and these rain boots that double as snow boots look pretty great. They've got removable insulated liners that can be added for extra warmth when the weather gets cold.

A kid's overview of everything that goes into veggie gardening, from planting to composting. 

Good Lord, could this watering can be any cuter?! I'm in love with the salmon-color, but the gray is more classic. And realistic or whatever.

I have a thing for food made of felt. Just so cute.

If you've watched Food Inc. or are interested in the local sustainable food movement, Polyface Farm and Joel Salatin may be familiar to you. This coloring book sounds like a great primer for teaching kids about sustainable living.

Toysmith Kid's Big Tool Set

We've had this garden tool set for a couple years now. They've rusted a bit, since they are left out in the rain and generally not cared for properly, but they are still Maggie's go-to when I get out my hoe and start weeding the garden.

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