Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Haven Homestead: Expansion Announcement

We're so beyond thrilled to announce that we've got a little sprout on the way!

We're going to be having a Christmastime baby! The due date is December 22. Right now I'm ten weeks pregnant and experiencing all the fun parts of pregnancy that I was lucky enough to avoid when I was pregnant with Maggie. I basically feel like I've got the flu... a four week long flu that shows no signs of stopping yet. My fingers are crossed that the second trimester will be a little easier.

Today we got to see Baby Clark via ultrasound: it looks like a gummy bear right now and is about the size of a gummy, with little nubby arms and legs. Baby was super active and even waved at us on the screen! It was exciting to get to see our tiny new little one... up until now it hasn't felt quite real to me, but this definitely cements it. We're adding a baby to our family. :)

We're planning on a birth at The Farm with the acclaimed midwives there, if all goes well and this baby stays cooking in my belly until it reaches full term. We've already had our first midwife visit and I'm excited to share the beginning of that experience with y'all here.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Momma!!!!!!

  2. Thank you!! I know you know just how long we've been waiting for this :)