Friday, May 30, 2014

This Week on the Farm: May 30, 2014

Things are blooming and growing all around us! Blueberries, pears, figs, mizuna, sunflowers, tomatoes, broccoli... lots of blooms and buds and tiny baby fruits and veggies peeking out.

This pregnancy has held me back from going full-throttle as I usually do and some things have fallen by the wayside - most notably cooking (I've got major food aversions right now) and keeping the house tidy. The garden, however, has gotten a decent amount of attention! This is my third year of having a garden at this house and every year my only goal is for the garden to be better than it was the year before. I have no delusions of a weed-free, pristine, magical garden, but I do know that with some effort I can grow some delicious veggies and enjoy the process of nurturing plants.

This year I've been doing much better at spending consistent amounts of time in the garden. I put some extra effort in getting the garden "sculpted" (I like to form raised soil beds to give the plants extra root room) and planted. I've been trying to spend just a little time -- anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes -- in the garden every evening around 7:30. That time is usually spent decimating weeds with my trusty hoes and although there's still a weed presence in the garden, it's not overwhelming and all the plants are growing well.

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